Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Creative Space

I've been working on some new items this week. First some simple woodcut brooches and secondly some cabochon earrings, rings and hairclips. Whilst pondering over my creative space today, I found it quite interesting to reflect on when I started Petaliferous and how I seem to be forever changing the way I do things and constantly growing and improving my techniques and designs etc. It actually makes me think in horror at some of the things I created when I first started out, and how simple they were! (but without them I wouldnt be doing what I'm doing today, so they were all necessary - mistakes or not!). I guess it highlights the beauty of handmade. Each item reflects the artisans skills at that time, at that place... like a little time capsule really :)

Heres the brooch backs drying on the timber cut brooches. Sadly these are a limited edition and therefore I have very limited quantities.

And here's some new cabochons ready for the cooker :) My mum has requested a pair of turquoise rose filigree leaf earrings and she's been waiting a while, so it was time to get them done! Sorry Mum!

I'm hoping to have a Market stall somewhere in Melbourne next year to sell all these pretties at. Any suggestions where you think my stuff would be a good fit?

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