Sunday, December 11, 2011

Secret-Santa ... Revealed!

My secret santa gift arrived to it's recipient, Jacinta from spunkyarn :) So I can now reveal what I sent her...

'Christmas Garland' Red & Green Rose Cabochon Necklace and Matching Ring :)

Matching Pair Red Rose Stud Earrings

Hand Stamped Red Christmas Gift Tags

I really hope she likes them :) MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I recieved an exciting looking parcel today in the post and opened it to reveal a gift from my DUST secret santa - the beautiful Samara from maddabling!

Opening the package to reveal all these beautifully wrapped gifts was enough to make me squeal with excitement!

Samara spoilt me rotten with a box full of pampering treats including:
  • 2 delicious smelling bath tea bags! ...Can't wait to try them out in my claw foot bath!
  • Scrumptious raspberry bath milk! ...Smells divine!
  • A pretty heart bath bomb! ... I'll be soooooo pampered after using all these!
Samara was so generous to give me all these wonderful handmade items.

But not only that! She also included a cool photo postcard, a set of gift tags and the most beautiful necklace with a bird, key and aqua rose - my favourite color!

I love everything! And this necklace is my new favourite!

Thank you so much Samara! I absolutely love your gift. Thanks also to Samara for organising the secret santa this year, after the sad loss of our much loved Julie-Ann.

If you like the look of the items I recieved, make sure you visit Samara's etsy store, maddabling

Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santa

I love participating in DUST craft swaps, but it has been a while since I've been involved in one. I'm therefore very excited about the DUST Secret Santa I'm in this month!

My Secret Santa gift is all ready to go.... I wonder who it is going to?? Stay tuned and all will be revealed .... :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bye, bye Melbourne

Well, its happening this week. And boy has it crept up on me! I'm moving! Yep! Bye, bye Melbourne... and hello country Victoria! A tree change away from the hustle and bustle of the city suburbs, to fresh country air! Can't wait!
But of course, since all my jewellery making bits and bobs will be packed away for a little while I've had to close my etsy and madeit stores. I'm hoping that once I set up internet access again I'll be right to reopen mid to late May. I also look forward to getting involved in the local markets and having a stall monthly or something. Will also be on the lookout for some funky country stores who might be interested in stocking my stuff. Ahh, its all exciting! I just have to get through this stressful the packing and moving stage first!!

See you all on the flipside :)


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lucky Me!

It was my Birthday on Sunday so I had a really nice relaxing weekend (even though my little boy was run down with his first cold and feeling pretty miserable!). The family and I went for a picnic to a local park, it was a bit brisk but we were all rugged up so it was fine. It does seem like Autumn has turned into Winter prematurely here in Melbourne though!

The cake my hubby made for me... it was a lemon, lime, coconut + white choc mudcake! Mmmm...

And although it wasn't a Birthday present as such, I was so thrilled to hear I'd won some gorgeous sterling silver earrings by the lovely Michelle from wing by sea. I recieved them in the mail yesterday and they're even prettier in real life! Can't wait to wear them out on Saturday night! I've already picked an outfit AROUND the earrings! It just so happens I got a nice black singlet and a silvery sparkly bangle for a present from my sister. So I'll be wearing the three together :)


Michelle makes heaps of gorgeous sterling silver jewellery - make sure you drop by her stores:

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mission Accomplished : Mosaic Pots

I am notorious for starting projects and then never quite finishing them, much to my husband's disapproval (as there seems to be lots of unfinished projects lying around the house!) but I can happily tick one of them off my list. What started about 18 months ago as a "quick little mosaic pot" dragged on and on.. but this weekend I finally got around to finishing them off. And heres the finished product (still a little dirty in the pics and no plants in them just yet, that's another 'project' to do at some stage I suppose!)

Looking forward to popping some succulents or some annual flowers in them... not sure which yet!