Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All listed up

I'm gradually putting a whole heap of new listings on Etsy. So far I've got a heap of rose cabochon rings in various colors to choose from, some rose filigree leaf earrings in various colors, and cute as a button bottle top badges. Check them out at http://petaliferous.etsy.com/ andgimme some view and heart love :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Shower for Bump

I had the most wonderful weekend, I had a group of my friends and family over for a Baby Shower! It was so much fun. Games, Yummy food, Great company and awesome pressies! My bump and me were very spoilt...

Here's the present haul (everything is so cute & miniature, whenever I look at the things I'm in heaven). I did so well!!

And here's some of the yummy food...


And here's the mum-to-be (me!)... Oh, and fancy that - I'm wearing a Petaliferous necklace (hehe, had to get the advert in somewhere!)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Revolver Designer Market 11-03-10

Last night I attended my first Revolver Designer Market. It's a bit of a bizarre thing, I've never been to a pub or bar before that has market stalls, but I liked what I saw and was more than happy to be a part of it! Thank you to everyone that popped down to see me and my stall, and thanks to all who purchased from me on the night! An extra big thank you to my husband Ty who came and sat with me (no doubt bored!) the whole night :) I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, having not done any markets before, but it worked out well and I have another one in 2 weeks (so if you missed this one, come to the next!).  Thanks also to Gaby and her sister from hopeless who were on the stall next to me and managed to answer my silly questions, being a newbie and all!

Whilst me and Ty gobbled down our yummy thai food from Colonel Tan's on our laps, without, may I say - a single drop down my top (a mean feat considering I'm usually such a clumsy grub!) I managed to sell out of wooden bunny brooches, so I will have to get busy to make some more for the next market. Also popular were rose rings and rose necklaces. Not a huge amount of sales, but the other stall holders assured me it was an unusually quiet night, and with markets, unfortuantely you have to take the good with the bad. So based on that theory alone, the next market is gonna be tops & I'm gonna make a fortune. Hehe. We'll see.

The other stalls incuded some wicked jewellery, awesome funky cards from able and game, cool eco lighting shades from electric firefly, and darling handmade hair accessories from hopelessly devoted. I must also thank Amelia from milkwood design for giving me the goss on the market before hand, so I was a little more aware of what to expect! She does awesome resin jewellery I always drool over.

SO.. If you're going to be around, make sure you come down Thursday 29th March, from 6-10pm. Bring a group of friends and make a night of it. It's a really great atmosphere, with groovy beats, cheap yummy thai food & quality beer (just $10 for jugs if that tempts you further!) or if you're more into cocktails, extremely 80's cocktails are a also hit :) PLUS whilst schmoozing and drinking, you can view a selection of handmade designer stalls, including mine! Now tell me, whats stopping you! :)

Revolver Upstairs - 229 Chapel Street PRAHRAN, VIC (sorry interstaters!) - Thurs 25th March, 6-10pm

Gorgeous Mauve Fascinator from Hopelessly Devoted

Cute Acrylic Owl Necklace from Lab three-o-five

Cute Cards from able and game

Awesome recycled plastic lamps from Electric Firefly

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Drool List

GHD Pink Limited Edition Styler. Ahhh Heaven... I have curly hair so a good straightener is a must (unfortunately I've just got a cheap one at the moment - but would love to upgrade!) $30 from each sale of these goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation too. Nice... and pretty... and Pink :)

Ok, so sure. It's totally unlikely I'd even be able to stand in these, let alone give them justice by wearing them to a special event, but it's all fair and well to drool over high heels that you can't wear. And what better shoes to drool over than these, gorgeous 'Noel' green and yellow numbers from none other than the gorgeous Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B label. But I should move on from shoes before I get completely carried away....

Ahh diamonds. A girl's best friend. And when they come as stylish as this, how can you not drool. A beautiful 28-diamond band in white gold from MDT design (whom I was fortunate enough to have make my engagement and wedding bands!) I think just another matching one should do it.... hehe, I'm sure my husband isn't keen on that. But hey -  it's a drool list afterall.

Ok something not quite so extravagant perhaps...  but oh my goodness this turquoise ring from chicmetal on etsy is equally as gorgeous!! It reminds me of an aerial view over the Great Barrier Reef.... I so want!! (makes note to tell Husband for upcoming Birthday!)

With bubs arriving in May, I need to sort myself out a nappy bag. They all seem so expensive though, so ebay might be a go-er. But in a perfect world, then something like this from Babymel would be my perfect bag. Its so funky and cute, and functional too!

What's on your drool list?

YMI Obsessed - Blog Featured

Well I woke up to a lovely message on Etsy this morning from Stephanie at YMI Obsessed (a cool fashion blog incorporating YMI jeans) informing me that she's featured my wooden lone wolf brooch on their latest post 'running with the wolves'. A very nice inclusion indeed, thank you :) Make sure you check it out!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Autumn in Melbourne - A Beautiful Brown Treasury

I was lucky enough to be featured in a treasury this week, curated by the lovely michvanetta (thank you darling!!). The gorgeous treasury also made it to the front page of etsy whic is no mean feat! It features gorgeous natural hues to fit the Autumn theme, and all items are from etsy sellers based in Melbourne (sharing the local love!). Make sure you check it out at http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list.php?room_id=116552 :)

Treasure Chests & Jewellery Trinkets

It's no surprise that I love jewellery and chances are, if you're here, reading this - then you probably do too! I have been busy making some displays to show off my jewellery at an upcoming market, and it got me thinking of cool ways to display and also store your jewellery.

So what do you keep our prized posessions in? I have a gazillion trinket boxes, jewellery boxes and hanging stands in my bedroom. I especially love vintage trinket boxes. I did a quick search on etsy for some cute jewellery boxes, and I came up with these. They'd be nice to pop on your bedside table or dresser... (Click on the links to be taken to the etsy store you can buy them at).

From BountifulGoods                         From LAKESIDEANTIQUE
But if you're not into trinket boxes or jewellery boxes and want a cool way to store your jewellery whilst also displaying it, then how about this DIY jewellery tree you can make using a real branch and some polymer clay... instructions to make your own are at http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/jewelry-tree-669610/ It would be a really nice project for a lazy weekend and might even kick start some jewellery organisation (if you're like me and have managed to let it get out of control!)

And another DIY project, if you have heaps of brooches (like me!) then the best way I've found to store them, whilst also show them off (if you don't mind the dust factor) is to use a picture frame and some fabric. Simply remove the glass from the frame, and cover a piece of cardboard (same size as the glass) with some fabric of your choice (I used a black velvet). Then you simply slip the pins of your brooches into the fabric and put them in any arrangement you like! Functional and Pretty!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Night Fever

I am happy to announce that Petaliferous will be at the Revolver Designer Market for two nights during March. The market runs from 6pm - 10pm at Revolver Upstairs, 229 Chapel Street PRAHRAN. I haven't been along to it myself before so I am excited to see it and also be a part of it for these two nights - Thurs 11th March and Thurs 25th March. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun! If you're in the area make sure you come and see me, or grab some dinner and then a few drinks at Revolver Upstairs whilst perusing the local wares!

Now I've just gotta knuckle down and put together some new items for the market... Stay Tuned!