Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lucky Me!

It was my Birthday on Sunday so I had a really nice relaxing weekend (even though my little boy was run down with his first cold and feeling pretty miserable!). The family and I went for a picnic to a local park, it was a bit brisk but we were all rugged up so it was fine. It does seem like Autumn has turned into Winter prematurely here in Melbourne though!

The cake my hubby made for me... it was a lemon, lime, coconut + white choc mudcake! Mmmm...

And although it wasn't a Birthday present as such, I was so thrilled to hear I'd won some gorgeous sterling silver earrings by the lovely Michelle from wing by sea. I recieved them in the mail yesterday and they're even prettier in real life! Can't wait to wear them out on Saturday night! I've already picked an outfit AROUND the earrings! It just so happens I got a nice black singlet and a silvery sparkly bangle for a present from my sister. So I'll be wearing the three together :)


Michelle makes heaps of gorgeous sterling silver jewellery - make sure you drop by her stores:


  1. Thank you so much for the mention Bri! So glad you liked them! Post a picture of you wearing them on my facebook page if you like!

  2. ooh - they are nice earrings - i always used to work outfits around earrings and shoes - i'm sure it's a girl thing..
    happy birthday - i'm impressed with your husband's cake making efforts!