Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I recieved an exciting looking parcel today in the post and opened it to reveal a gift from my DUST secret santa - the beautiful Samara from maddabling!

Opening the package to reveal all these beautifully wrapped gifts was enough to make me squeal with excitement!

Samara spoilt me rotten with a box full of pampering treats including:
  • 2 delicious smelling bath tea bags! ...Can't wait to try them out in my claw foot bath!
  • Scrumptious raspberry bath milk! ...Smells divine!
  • A pretty heart bath bomb! ... I'll be soooooo pampered after using all these!
Samara was so generous to give me all these wonderful handmade items.

But not only that! She also included a cool photo postcard, a set of gift tags and the most beautiful necklace with a bird, key and aqua rose - my favourite color!

I love everything! And this necklace is my new favourite!

Thank you so much Samara! I absolutely love your gift. Thanks also to Samara for organising the secret santa this year, after the sad loss of our much loved Julie-Ann.

If you like the look of the items I recieved, make sure you visit Samara's etsy store, maddabling


  1. So great to see the Secret Santa gifts arriving - I got mine today, yay!! I love the way Samara has wrapped all your little presses, would have been fun to unwrap them and get lots of surprises.

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