Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Drool List

GHD Pink Limited Edition Styler. Ahhh Heaven... I have curly hair so a good straightener is a must (unfortunately I've just got a cheap one at the moment - but would love to upgrade!) $30 from each sale of these goes to the Breast Cancer Foundation too. Nice... and pretty... and Pink :)

Ok, so sure. It's totally unlikely I'd even be able to stand in these, let alone give them justice by wearing them to a special event, but it's all fair and well to drool over high heels that you can't wear. And what better shoes to drool over than these, gorgeous 'Noel' green and yellow numbers from none other than the gorgeous Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B label. But I should move on from shoes before I get completely carried away....

Ahh diamonds. A girl's best friend. And when they come as stylish as this, how can you not drool. A beautiful 28-diamond band in white gold from MDT design (whom I was fortunate enough to have make my engagement and wedding bands!) I think just another matching one should do it.... hehe, I'm sure my husband isn't keen on that. But hey -  it's a drool list afterall.

Ok something not quite so extravagant perhaps...  but oh my goodness this turquoise ring from chicmetal on etsy is equally as gorgeous!! It reminds me of an aerial view over the Great Barrier Reef.... I so want!! (makes note to tell Husband for upcoming Birthday!)

With bubs arriving in May, I need to sort myself out a nappy bag. They all seem so expensive though, so ebay might be a go-er. But in a perfect world, then something like this from Babymel would be my perfect bag. Its so funky and cute, and functional too!

What's on your drool list?

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