Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treasure Chests & Jewellery Trinkets

It's no surprise that I love jewellery and chances are, if you're here, reading this - then you probably do too! I have been busy making some displays to show off my jewellery at an upcoming market, and it got me thinking of cool ways to display and also store your jewellery.

So what do you keep our prized posessions in? I have a gazillion trinket boxes, jewellery boxes and hanging stands in my bedroom. I especially love vintage trinket boxes. I did a quick search on etsy for some cute jewellery boxes, and I came up with these. They'd be nice to pop on your bedside table or dresser... (Click on the links to be taken to the etsy store you can buy them at).

From BountifulGoods                         From LAKESIDEANTIQUE
But if you're not into trinket boxes or jewellery boxes and want a cool way to store your jewellery whilst also displaying it, then how about this DIY jewellery tree you can make using a real branch and some polymer clay... instructions to make your own are at It would be a really nice project for a lazy weekend and might even kick start some jewellery organisation (if you're like me and have managed to let it get out of control!)

And another DIY project, if you have heaps of brooches (like me!) then the best way I've found to store them, whilst also show them off (if you don't mind the dust factor) is to use a picture frame and some fabric. Simply remove the glass from the frame, and cover a piece of cardboard (same size as the glass) with some fabric of your choice (I used a black velvet). Then you simply slip the pins of your brooches into the fabric and put them in any arrangement you like! Functional and Pretty!

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