Thursday, May 20, 2010

I hate wait

I'm due in about a week and already so bored and tired of waiting for bubs to arrive... so bored in fact, I fiddled around with illustrator for a bit and came up with a picture to try and depict my predicament...

Yes. I hate wait.


  1. You should be enjoying the quiet and the sleep! All hell will break loose once bubs arrives and life as you know it will be over. Good luck with the birth, I hope it goes well. Take a nana nap!

  2. Thanks Kellie. I have been sleeping in and taking naps, its very nice and relaxing and I am enjoying that (although I wish I could store the sleep in reserves!) but it is also boring not being able to do much, can't venture too far from home etc. And of course I just want to meet my baby! It's like waiting for christmas to come as a kid but much worse!!