Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fathers Day

Fathers day means a bit more this year as it is the first one my husband is celebrating! (Unfortuantely I missed out by a few weeks for Mothers Day this year - bub wasn't quite born yet!). But seeing as my son is not quite old enough to go shopping on his own... its up to me to sort out the pressie for the new dad :)

So. I thought I'd get a hand from bubs to make a cute framed foot print and photo to commemorate this first fathers day!

First, footprint from bubs. CHECK
Second, cute photo of dad and bubs. CHECK
Third, a double frame. CHECK
Fourth, some letter stickers. CHECK.
and Finally... The finished product :)

Simple but really effective I think, I hope 'daddy' likes it! Here are some other cute finds for fathers on etsy...

Vintage Blue Copper Enamel cufflinks by petaliferous

Reddish Brown Journal by KarleighJae

Big Drip Modern Wall Clock by pilotdesign

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