Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spring Overhaul

Spring has sprung and I'm loving all the flowers and blooms that are coming out in my garden. I've gone a bit crazy photographing them lately so I thought I'd share a few with you.

I've also decided to do a spring clean of my etsy and madeit stores, products and banner/style. I've been working on some new vintage inspired necklaces that I am really excited to share with you soon. For now though, heres my new banner...

What do you think? I used some vintage photography titling letters that my grandfather used to use on his family movies (therefore they're very special!) I'm not 100% sold on the wooden background yet but I figured I can adopt the same look using the letters and various different backgrounds every now and then (a bit like how google is always changing its logo but it remains, in essence, the same!).

And also a sneak peak at something to do with my new range.... pretty, huh?

By the way I've cleaned out my etsy store completely to await the launch of new products so it's kind of empty in there at the moment... stay tuned :)

♥ B


  1. Naw how cute is that little caterpillar :) Love your new banner, the wooden background works well :)

  2. Your flower photos are gorgeous, I love this time of year in the garden! And the new logo is fantastic, so nice to use the special letters and also the idea of changing the background - very clever!

    Looking forward to seeing the new products. =)

  3. Gorgeous photos!
    I love this time af year, all the native flowers and a touch of warmth in the air.
    Looking forward to seeing your newbies!