Monday, April 12, 2010

I love my mail box

Well it was a good mail day for me today, hence why I love my mail box (not that the parcels I recieved actually fitted in the mail box -the Australia Post lady brought them to the front door) ... I don't think I will ever lose that child-like excitement of recieving and opening parcels!

The first one I opened was my birthday present. I'd put the money I recieved for my Birthday towards a GHD Hair Straightener, that I bought from Ebay. I knew it was going to be coming one day this week but was still beyond excited when it turned up at the front door. And I CANNOT wait to use it. I don't know how many of you use straighteners, but GHD's are meant to be the bees knees in the straighening world, and when you have curly hair like me, you need the best. So now that I have this beautiful baby in my hot little hands, no more $40 priceline straighteners for my hair!! It's so gorgeous too... sparkly, black, silver... When I opened the package, I was breathtaken.

Here's why....

And so like its not enough to recieve one big parcel on a boring cold Monday, I got another one! The second one being a big bag of goodies I won from Kids In Australia. It was filled with loads of loads of discount vouchers, special offers, $ gift vouchers, a bright green girls' tutu, box of baby toiletries and some cute button hair clips.

Believe it or not I'm also expecting a few more things in the mail too, I won a prize a few weeks back on Sunday Night Giveaway from hekoky creations, and also some custom hairclips from byconnie's facebook page. Petaliferous also donated a prize to Sunday Night Giveaway last night, Congratulations to the lucky winner, Amber, who scored this cute retro bottle top badge.

I am also partnered with the lovely Kirsten from KLBaileyART for the DUST Craft Swap... I've got her surprise ready to post, hopefully tomorrow - and once I know she's recieved it I'll share some pics of that on here too.... much excitement and mail-love, I think its time for a hot chocolate and an ogle over my goodies...

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