Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm into owls in a big way lately. You may have noticed this influence in my jewellery.. with items such as these popping up in my etsy store:

And with my baby now less than a month away (eek!!), today I've been busy blowing the cobwebs off my mum's old sewing machine and getting right into making some home made toys for the baby using old scrap bits of material I had and some assorted ribbon and oddly enough, they're... well... owls!

I made a really rough pattern and used calico and other cotton prints for the body/wings, adhesive felt for the eyes and adhesive courdroy for the beak (I cut up an old iron-on patch!), and sewed in little bits of ribbon folded in half like tags. On this one I used a larger peice of ribbon on top so it can hang from a plastic ring and attach to a pram etc.

Given I probably haven't used a sewing machine since the days of making clothes for my cabbage patch kid & barbies, they are no where near perfect (don't look too close!) but I don't think baby is going to mind!

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  1. cute! i think kids love those tagged types of toys, lots to chew on!