Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I hate vacuuming but I love DUSTing

I thought I'd put together a bit of a feature of some cool items available on etsy from my fellow Australian DUST members. DUST is the Down Under Street Team for etsy sellers and is a really cool & supportive group of people who have really helped my transition into etsy selling. You can check out the members of DUST at or do a product search on etsy with the keyword "dust team" to see all their goodies!!

Anyway here are a few of my current favourites. Hopefully I'll do a post like this every couple of weeks and overtime  feature heaps of cool stores.

Billymac Clothing:
The Billymac store is full of gorgeous designer t-shirts for your littlies featuring cute and original images such as this adorable 'kiddie warhol' pop art print:

Inner Earth Soaps:
This scrumptious store is full of bathing goodies, that look good enough to eat! I could just take a bite out of this divine handmade Vanilla Buttercream soap. All inner earth soaps are full of natural goodness and therefore are kind to your skin and the environment.

Poetry Jewelry:
Gorgeous gems and precious metals are intermingled in these gorgeous adornments by poetry jewelry. I just love these etheral Isabelle earrings with pale green praisolite and gold.

I feel dreamy and peaceful after looking at all of the gorgeous artwork at this store. Watercolor paintings and wearable art featuring beautiful pastel colors, silhouettes and swirls such as this divine 'Brave' original watercolor by one very talented artisan.

There are so many talented designers, crafters, and etsy artisans out there - please check out their stores and help support local handmade :)


  1. REALLY like those paintings! Going to her shop right now! Thanks!

  2. Fantastic feature - can't wait for the next installment !